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Asbestoswise 2017 Annual General meeting

Monday 18 December, 2017 - 4:30pm

All members of Asbestoswise Inc are notified of the forthcoming Annual General Meeting on 18 December, 2017.
All forms have been mailed. Non-members are welcome to Become a Member of Asbestoswise at any time, however, to be eligible to vote at the AGM, applications for membership must be received before close of business, 15 December, 2017.



Asbestoswise - Supporting asbestos-related disease sufferers, friends and their families

Asbestoswise is a community-based, registered charitable organisation providing information, education, advocacy, awareness and support to those in contact with asbestos in the environment, home or workplace and support to those suffering from an asbestos-related disease (ARD)



Information at a glance

Asbestoswise, in conjunction with Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency, has produced eight concise Information Sheets about asbestos in the home.
These cover a range of topics including: health, home, neighbours, rental properties, testing, removal and disposal.

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Key Supporters

Asbestoswise relies on the support of grants, donations and corporate supporters. We would like to thank Slater& Gordon for their on-going support

A tax-deductable donation to our Annual Appeal through GiveNow enables asbestoswise to continue our valuable information and support services.
In the last year, asbestoswise has provided informed information to over 500 telephone and email enquiries and provided the services of a regular support group for families and victims affected by Asbestos Related Diseases