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Asbestoswise - Supporting asbestos-related disease sufferers, friends and their families

Asbestoswise is a community-based, registered charitable organisation providing information, education, advocacy, awareness and support to those in contact with asbestos in the environment, home or workplace and support to those suffering from an asbestos-related disease (ARD)



2016 Christmas Appeal

Being diagnosed with an Asbestos Related Disease (ARD) leaves you feeling alone – even when surrounded by family, carers and friends. Mainstream support services don’t effectively address the unique challenges faced by this growing community of sufferers.
Every year, over 150 Victorians will be diagnosed with the lethal disease Mesothelioma and other serious ARDs and whilst the medical needs of this community are well serviced by the health sector, it is left to not-for- profit organisations such as Asbestoswise to support the social and emotional needs of sufferers, their families and friends.

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People impacted by an ARD tell us about the tremendous value they derive from being able to speak with other people currently on the same journey as them or people who have shared the journey with a loved one in the past. This opportunity offers an important sense of connection and empowerment as well as genuine moral support for the challenging times ahead.
Asbestoswise facilitates monthly meetings for current sufferers and their families as well as monthly meetings for people who have lost a loved one to Asbestos Related Disease. In addition to these group meetings, our experienced staff are available in person or by telephone for one on one confidential support.

We can’t change the outcome of an ARD diagnosis for our 150 fellow Victorians in 2017, but together we can help make theirs and their family’s journey less isolating.

Examples of how your donation will help us.

  • $30 - Asbestoswise supports the needs of one sufferer or carer with one session in a group based support meeting
  • $150 - One sufferer or carer  is provided with up to 1 hour’s worth of confidential and individualised face to face or telephone support
  • $300 - An individual attends up to 10 group based support meetings throughout the year
  • $500 - Asbestoswise delivers a package of support (individual, group and bereavement support) for one individual for a full year
  • Larger donations - Programs of specific value to the asbestos community in medical research, advocacy and representation

How to donate:


Mail:   Cheques made payable to: Asbestoswise, 247-251 Flinders Lane  Melbourne Vic 3000

All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible



Information at a glance

Asbestoswise, in conjunction with Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency, has produced eight concise Information Sheets about asbestos in the home.
These cover a range of topics including: health, home, neighbours, rental properties, testing, removal and disposal.

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Key Supporters

Asbestoswise relies on the support of grants, donations and corporate supporters. We would like to thank Slater& Gordon for their on-going support

A tax-deductable donation to our Annual Appeal through GiveNow enables asbestoswise to continue our valuable information and support services.
In the last year, asbestoswise has provided informed information to over 500 telephone and email enquiries and provided the services of a regular support group for families and victims affected by Asbestos Related Diseases