ACT drug-law reformer dies of mesothelioma after years in a Fluffy house

June 10, 2016 at 3:02 PM

Mr McConnell, received his diagnosis of mesothelioma on the day the government announced it would buy and demolish all 1022 Mr Fluffy* homes in October 2014.

He was convinced his disease was caused by the Higgins Fluffy home that he bought in 1971 when he arrived in Canberra with his wife and two young children, a third born here.

He had the insulation installed in the home soon after moving in and lived through the Commonwealth "clean-up" in 1991.

His wife, Marion McConnell, said after becoming ill at the height of the Mr Fluffy crisis in 2014, her husband had found it "pretty hard" to come to terms with his disease.

She remained angry with the federal government for not taking responsibility, despite early warnings about the dangers of the asbestos.

She believes her former Higgins house is yet to be demolished

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For updates on the Mr Fluffy program in the ACT, refer to the ACT Asbestos Response Taskforce website

For updates on the Mr Fluffy program in New South Wales, refer to the NSW Fair Trading website

* Background on the Mr Fluffy 'incident'