ACT: Mr Fluffy dump site to be cleared

April 15, 2016 at 1:15 PM

The former Fluffy asbestos dump site in the ACT may contain approximately 5550 drums, 1700 crates, shipping containers and a range of other contaminated materials buried when the loose-fill asbestos was removed from the ceilings of homes in the territory 25 years ago. Part of the dump is now the site of a planned road extension. The ACT government commissioned a test of the site for contamination before the road is built, and tabled the findings last week.

The findings reveal the site was used to dump the asbestos insulation removed from more than 1000 Canberra homes between 1985 and the early 1990s. The loose asbestos was placed in steel drums and shipping containers, to be buried three metres below ground.

The consultancy company found no evidence that the loose Mr Fluffy asbestos had contaminated the site. However, the three to four metres of clean fill that was supposed to have capped the site probably was not as thick or as clean as claimed.

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