Asbestos in play

May 06, 2016 at 4:27 PM

Risks from naturally-occurring asbestos would prevent at least one mother from bringing her children to enjoy Orange City Council’s planned sporting complex.
Joanne Tom addressed Tuesday’s council meeting to oppose rezoning 45 hectares on Priest Lane, east of the Northern Distributor Road, from rural residential to public recreation, saying studies in California showed residential proximity to naturally occurring asbestos was associated with mesothelioma risks.
“The WorkCover fact sheet says to postpone or restrict areas on windy days. Do you say don’t go there? Is this an area anyone wants to go to?” she said. “We wouldn’t take our kids to play there.” The areas with potential for naturally occurring asbestos include the proposed car parks and the secondary sports field. During the debate, councillor Neil Jones said he would not support a development application unless the matter was addressed.

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