Asbestos Warning on Channel Nine's The Block

May 02, 2012 at 2:09 AM

Asbestoswise would like to congratulate The Block for taking on social responsibility and addressing concerns about asbestos in home renovation. The Block broadcasted a brief clip about the importance of dealing with asbestos when renovating the home. 

"Asbestos is an absolute killer and if you're thinking of renovating, make sure you get your place checked out by professionals," Scott Cam says. "If you do find something, make sure those professionals remove it."

On The Block, each house was thoroughly audited for hazardous materials by an independent, hazardous material and monitoring contractor.

"The individual results varied from house to house, with each one having minor asbestos installations present, as is normal and expected for any older house," The Block's architect, Julian Brenchley says.

"Following the results of those audits, a process of identification, encapsulation, removal and disposal was undertaken by licensed hazardous material contractors."