Fracking - Origin fast to act on asbestos scare

April 29, 2016 at 2:29 PM

The presence of asbestos in drilling fluids has started a series of investigations across Queensland.

The detection of asbestos in drilling fluids used on Origin Energy sites has prompted a handful of investigations both within the company and across Queensland.

Origin, the operator of the Australia Pacific LNG project, suspended drilling across 12 rigs after being informed that an imported product used in drilling fluids, known as Nutplug, had been found to contain asbestos.

Origin was quick to act, not only making the decision to halt drilling, but quarantining all stocks of affected material.

The company also called in specialist waste removal experts to enable a safe disposal of the product after informing the authorities.

Origin has launched its own independent investigation into the incident, and has since sourced an alternative drilling fluids supplier.

The company was made aware of the contamination after being notified by product supplier Australian Mud Company (AMC), a subsidiary of Imdex.

Imdex withdrew the product from the market after being notified that “certain batches of Nutplug may contain a small proportion of asbestos,” it told the Australian Securities Exchange.

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