Mold Plus Asbestos Closes Ann Arbor Fire Station, Florida Asbestos Testing Company AGC Environmental Suggests a Tip How to Avoid Their Worse Effects

January 03, 2014 at 12:55 PM

Station 4 of Ann Arbor in Michigan remained shut down due to a persistent mold problem. News website gave out the details about it on its post dated December 20, 2013. In response to it, AGC Environmental, a Florida asbestos testing company, suggested a method to avoid the worse of the fungus' effects in order to help the public.

Based on the report, the firehouse was closed late November after it was discovered to be mold contaminated, My Cleaning Products related. And because of it, it detailed that the firefighters and the trucks stationed in it were temporarily transferred downtown at Station 1.

The report said that mold test and treatment were implemented in the building but it didn't resolve the problem, MCP relayed. Besides that, it shared that there was also an asbestos issue found in the station so besides the testing for it, an abatement would as well be implemented.

The cleaning of the facility was ongoing, according to the report. Regarding the closure of the firehouse, it was said that it could last from one to four weeks depending on the needed work.

Below is an excerpt from the report.

“A fire station in southeast Ann Arbor remains closed while the city attempts to remedy mold problems identified in late November.

Sources inside the fire department said Station 4 on Huron Parkway has been closed since Thanksgiving, leaving the city with four open fire stations.”

Both mold and asbestos could bring in health problems. Because of that, immediate response is essential whenever it is suspected that they are present, AGC Environmental said.

Firstly, mold and asbestos testing must be implemented, the company said. That way, their presence could be confirmed and unnecessary spending could be avoided. And once verified that they indeed present and posing risks, it asserted that treatments must follow up the tests.

However, for Florida mold inspection and removal and Florida asbestos testing and treatment, AGC Environmental asserted that its services are the best. And as it cited, that's because they are conducted by certified mold and asbestos inspectors and consultants.

Additionally, the company stated that its indoor air quality testing and other environmental services also offer written data. And that, it said, could be used as official court document for insurance and/or purchase of a new house.

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