OCTIEF Manages Large Remediation of Asbestos From Historical Location

July 23, 2012 at 4:33 AM

OCTIEF supervised and managed the remediation of asbestos from an important historical location in Regional Northern Queensland: the site where white man first made contact with Indigenous Australians. In a joint initiative between the Queensland State Government, the Federal Government and the Dutch Consulate, the site located in the small Aboriginal community of Mapoon on Western Cape York, will soon undergo development of a memorial commemorating the first authenticated contact of Dutch sailors with Aborigines over 400 years ago.

The ‘First Contact Memorial’ will sit on Cullen Point off Mapoon and will feature a steel replica of the Dutch ship ‘Duyfken’ perched upon a wall featuring plaques in Dutch, English and local Tjugundji that tell of the Duyfken’s journey into Port Musgrave back in 1606.

Before development of the memorial begins, large amounts of asbestos left over from the demolition of a Presbyterian mission in the 1800s had to be removed, and OCTIEF, as a recognised leader in asbestos management, was hired to lead the remediation project. OCTIEF’s Director (Asia/ Pacific) Kevin O’Hara took a special interest in the project stepping down from his director’s chair to act as Site-Superintendent, a role he described as “challenging” and “unbelievable”.

The Mapoon project involved performing a contaminated land assessment, devising a remediation strategy, removing material debris, excavating and separating contaminated soil while simultaneously training community members.

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