Support for carers is important. Some carers have help from family and friends, yet others do not. At times, carers themselves need assistance and support, or they may need someone to talk to, or even take a short break.

Government support for carers

The Commonwealth Government through its Commonwealth Respite for Carers Program and the Victorian Government through its Victorian Carers Initiatives provided funds to improve services for carers.

The aim of these services is to provide information, carer support and respite coordination for carers. These services together with the Carer Resource Centre and Carers Victoria form the Victorian Carer Services Network.

Sometimes the constant demands of caring for someone can be exhausting. The following support is available to assist carers and allow them to have a break (respite):

  • Help at home - for a few hours, or even overnight, while you do something else
  • Outside activities - the person you care for can attend interesting and stimulating activities, while you have a break
  • Longer breaks - care is also available for whole days or weeks. This may be at an activity centre or a nursing home

Other help is also available.

There are also a number of other services to help you. They can provide:

  • Nursing care - community nurses can come and help with dressings, checking medication, giving injections, etc
  • Personal care - help with showering, dressing, getting in and out of bed. Home care - help with cooking, cleaning, garden maintenance, etc., to give you more time
  • Volunteers - may be available to help with shopping, or to give you time to attend appointments or to meet other people

Carer contacts

Carers Victoria: Free call 1800 242 636
Commonwealth Carer Resource Centre: Free call 1800 242 636
Commonwealth Carer Respite Centres: 1800 059 059
This number will connect you to the service in your area.

Centrelink carer payments and pensions: 13 27 17