Support Services

Asbestoswise provides the following services:

  • An Asbestos Related Diseases (ARD) Support Group which meets monthly in Melbourne
  • An Asbestos Related Diseases (ARD) Bereavement Support Group which meets monthly in Melbourne
  • A central access point for information about how to identify, handle, remove and dispose of asbestos
  • Striving for improvements in treatment, care and diagnosis
  • Working towards an asbestos-free environment in Australia by 2030
  • Reducing the continued risk of asbestos exposure at work, home and in the community
  • Providing support for those living with an ARD
  • Educating the general public
  • Advocating to government and influencing legislation
  • Free telephone advice service
  • Social functions for members
  • Asbestos Awareness activities in the community throughout the year and during Asbestos Awareness Week in the last week of November, including our annual Commemoration Service
  • Quarterly newsletter

If you have any enquiries about how we can help you please call 03 9654 9777 or email